Glow Garden + Dino Park + Magic Park Combo Tickets

Glow Garden + Dino Park + Magic Park Combo Tickets

The Dubai Garden Glow is a family-oriented themed garden, the first unique garden and the largest in the world, and offers a unique perspective on the environment and the world around us. With dedicated zones such as the dinosaur land, this leading family entertainment park is guaranteed to leave you in awe.

Explore the world’s first unique Glow Garden, Dubai Garden Glow, and see the attractions and sculptures made by artists from around the world using millions of energy-saving light bulbs and yards of recycled fabrics. Discover up to 4 different parks, each with its own charm and magic as you wander through the largest glow garden in the world. Experience ‘Art by Day’ and ‘Glow by Night’ as the sparkling garden comes to life after sunset in Garden Glow. Learn about the environment and energy-saving techniques as the park seamlessly integrates environmental sustainability into its world-class designs. See 100 animatronic dinosaurs in the biggest dinosaur park in the world. Admire eco-friendly, colorful creations in the Art Park. Upgrade your ticket to add access to the Magic Park to your Garden Glow tickets to enhance your experience and save time and money at the venue!


  • Access to Dubai Garden Glow
  • Access to Dinosaur Park
  • Access to Art Park
  • Access to Magic Park (optional)

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